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Along with a Profit-Share Account and Mutual Ownership with PPS, AMA Financial Planning offers bespoke insurance cover directly to you, such as Income protection cover, Life cover, Total and permanent disability cover, Trauma cover, and Business expenses cover.

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Along with a Profit-Share Account and Mutual Ownership with PPS, we can offer the following bespoke insurance covers directly to you:

Income protection cover

Life cover

Total and permanent disability cover

Trauma cover

Business expenses cover

PPS Mutual - Professional Choice Insurance

PPS Mutual provides an exciting solution for all risk insurance needs for medical professionals using their bespoke insurance products.

PPS Mutual aims to:

  1. provide exceptional insurance benefits to their Members (an exclusive group of professionals who own the business), their families and associates.
  2. help create security, peace of mind and wealth for our professional Members during their working lives and in retirement.

The products are exclusively distributed by a select number of accredited advisers and here at AMA Financial Services we are proud to be a partner of PPS Mutual.

We believe the time is right for you!

Contact AMA Financial Service today and to learn more about the benefits of PPS Mutual Insurance Products.

Why should you consider PPS Mutual insurance products?

When you join PPS Mutual, you get exclusive access to a tailor-made portfolio of insurance benefits called PPS Mutual Professionals Choice – each one created to answer the specific protection needs of a defined group of Australia’s professionals.

And, on top of this, you also receive a share of the annual profit generated by the PPS Mutual product. After ten years’ membership you can start to withdraw this money from your Profit-Share account. That’s because you’re not just a customer, you’re a Member – you have a stake in PPS’s business and the profits generated by the PPS Mutual products.

There’s more:

  • Members share in the company’s ownership.
  • Members share in the profits that the PPS Mutual product generates.
  • Insurance risks and returns are shared with others with similar lifestyles.
  • Annual Profit-Share allocation to the Member’s Profit-Share Account.
  • Accumulated profit partly available after 10 years – and fully available after 20

Watch how PPS mutual ownership works:

For more information visit PPS Mutual

To arrange a quote contact AMA Financial Services on 1800 262 346 (1800 AMA FIN)

The information provided above is general in nature and has not taken into account your personal circumstances. This product may not suit everyone and a full analysis of your personal financial circumstances needs to be taken prior to considering any PPS Mutual products.

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